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WDAAC is Worth Backing

Please join us in voting Yes on Measure L. It fulfills important needs and fits well in the proposed location. The Davis community has an increasing proportion of seniors; we are experiencing our own “silver tsunami.” As Yolo County supervisors we have heard three consistent needs when it comes to seniors: housing, transportation and health […]

Letters to the Editor – Pearl Carpenter

I have lived in Davis for almost 18 years. Over that time I have seen many projects built exclusively for students, while only two projects have been built for seniors, Eleanor Roosevelt and Shasta Point. While “no on L” folks seem to feel that senior housing, particularly low-income housing, is not needed as much as […]

Letters to the Editor – Sheila Allen

The Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance supports the West Davis Active Aging project in concept. Such a project could address the current and growing need for more senior housing in Davis that includes universal design and accessibility components both inside the house and in the neighborhood to allow persons to age in place. In particular, we […]

Letters to the Editor – Rita T. Downs

As Gary Passmore noted so eloquently in his recent special to the Enterprise, “The Crisis We Aren’t Prepared For,” the aging of the California population is a trend which threatens to overwhelm the capacity of Californiacommunities to respond. Voting for Measure L in the upcoming election is one way to show that Davis understands and […]

Letters to the Editor – Cecily Bailey

I am one of many active seniors whose name is on the long Davis senior housing wait lists. As the years tick by, my name moves up a place or three; but, having I started at 89th on the list, my chances are very slim to nonexistent that I will move into one of these […]

Letters to the Editor – Diane C. Evans

As an Eleanor Roosevelt Circle senior resident, I thank the citizens of Davis for caring to build housing for seniors. I actually had no connections here but I needed flat land. I am a post-polio person. This enabled me to walk farther without falling a few more years. I came to evaporate peacefully into nothingness. Just […]

Letters to the Editor-Robert Traverso

Sensible development As a long-time resident of Davis, and one who very much enjoys our yard and landscaping, my wife and I are approaching the age where we need to seriously think about a living situation with less physical home-maintenance demands, proximity to high-quality medical care, and down-sizing our home.   The project proposed by Taormino & […]

Letters to the Editor – Ken Wagstaff

I support the proposed West Davis Active Adult Community, appearing on the Nov. 6 ballot as Measure L.   The project plan has many features that will stimulate and enhance community relationships among its senior residents. Overall it will be denser with homes of smaller average size than many Davis neighborhoods with 560 diverse units […]

A true DSHC senior project design

Here is a rendering of the site plan for Eleanor Roosevelt Circle (DSHC Davis flagship) showing the gardens, orchards, planter beds and open space. The DSHC project at WDAAC will have a similar attractive apartment density.

Ann M. Evans – Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, As a former Mayor and Councilmember of the City of Davis, (1982-90) I support Measure L, which amends the Land Use Map of the Davis General Plan to include the West Davis Active Adult Community. This project provides housing for adults 55 years and older, to the west of the Sutter Davis Hospital. […]