Letters to the Editor – Diane C. Evans

As an Eleanor Roosevelt Circle senior resident, I thank the citizens of Davis for caring to build housing for seniors. I actually had no connections here but I needed flat land. I am a post-polio person. This enabled me to walk farther without falling a few more years.

I came to evaporate peacefully into nothingness. Just the opposite happened. Living in this caring environment, I sprouted a whole new branch. Here ERC developed an enhanced community by engaging residents in setting policies we would live by. That was a huge transfusion for me, a wearied activist. Before you knew it, with the support of ERC, I was providing events that informed the Davis population of environmental and other social issues.

ERC is a senior-renewal program. It inspires some of us to grow vegetables in our raised planter beds. Others manage our ERC’s variety store which also serves as a conversation hub. A few of us participated in the UCD, Olli, senior continuing education classes held on our site. I participated in all of this which led to Volunteer opportunities for various committees with the City of Davis. I so loved working with the Human Relation’s Committee and on special projects like the annual Martin Luther King celebration.


ERC is the perfect location for me. Easy transportation, across the street is the bus stop. The paratransit bus is a call away. Although I have my health challenges and live full time from a wheelchair, I am working on the completion of my life’s project, mental health services for infants and toddlers. As an intern in a post-doctorate program, I had the chance to build a baby playgroup with the Davis Community Church. I have since opened a part-time mental health practice specializing in infant-toddler services


This energy flowing through my senior years comes directly from the Davis Community through the Eleanor Roosevelt Circle, thank you. Davis is a uniquely qualified community to establish new models of senior housing. Please vote yes on Proposition L to house more seniors.

Diane C. Evans, Davis