Letters to the Editor – Cecily Bailey

I am one of many active seniors whose name is on the long Davis senior housing wait lists. As the years tick by, my name moves up a place or three; but, having I started at 89th on the list, my chances are very slim to nonexistent that I will move into one of these units. Having lived and worked in Davis for over 20 years, Davis is my home. I am an example of many Davisites on these waiting lists. Affordable apartments for seniors is but one component of WDAA Community.

The planners have striven to maintain the atmosphere of many Davis neighborhoods with a mixture of age groups in the planned components of the community with 325 single-story homes of various sizes, small builder lots, an activity and wellness center, and so much more.

The location is ideal — medical facilities and shopping nearby, easy access to freeways, and all in a rural setting with bike/walking trails, community vegetable garden areas, ag buffer and more.


Please vote for Measure L  — a new sustainable community that will enhance Davis.

Cecily Bailey