Letters to the Editor – Rita T. Downs

As Gary Passmore noted so eloquently in his recent special to the Enterprise, “The Crisis We Aren’t Prepared For,” the aging of the California population is a trend which threatens to overwhelm the capacity of Californiacommunities to respond.

Voting for Measure L in the upcoming election is one way to show that Davis understands and cares about the upcoming crisis by planning ahead. Many community meetings have been held to elicit both interest and improvements in the plan. While some of the housing will attract higher end buyers, doing so will ensure the feasibility of developing lower-income apartments for seniors.

Please support this project which will both insure access to housing to both middle and lower-income seniors in our community who are in need now, and will be more so in the future. We have an opportunity to create a community with supports, not just housing, which will be a part of the solution in years to come.

Rita T. Downs