Letters to the Editor – Pearl Carpenter

I have lived in Davis for almost 18 years. Over that time I have seen many projects built exclusively for students, while only two projects have been built for seniors, Eleanor Roosevelt and Shasta Point.

While “no on L” folks seem to feel that senior housing, particularly low-income housing, is not needed as much as homes for workers, it is well-known that the number of seniors is increasing rapidly, as more and more baby boomers are reaching these golden years. So now is not the time to turn our backs on this senior population, especially as many of them are faced with losing their ability to drive from other cities that are supplying senior housing. This project has easy access to public transportation, is very close to health facilities and other senior amenities will be included.

The “No on L” campaign argues the project is urban sprawl, yet it is actually more dense than the Cannery (13.8 versus 12.0 units per net acre, respectively). West Davis Active Adult Community includes 150 affordable housing units for low-income families, which is double the amount required by the City of Davis. Twenty percent of the individual homes will not be age restricted, meaning that families with children can purchase homes in this West Davis project as well. A Tot Lot for use by children living in the neighborhood, as well as visiting grandchildren, is also included. This intermixing of all ages is healthy for both seniors and the community.

Jason Taormino represented the project at the West Davis Active Adult Forum and I was particularly impressed with how much care he showed for the needs of both seniors and families. Hats off to father and son, Dave and Jason Taormino, as local Davis residents and builders who understand the total needs of our community. And thanks to our Davis City Council who unanimously approved this unique project. It will bring much attention from other cities as the right way to do a mixed development geared toward seniors.

Pearl Carpenter