Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor – Backing WDAAC

October 7, 2018

I support Measure L, the initiative allowing the building of the West Davis Active Adult Community and its inclusion within Davis’ boundaries.

I do so because of several reasons. However, the main reason is that 80 percent of occupants will be drawn from a Davis or Davis-related population. Davis seniors who are living in homes larger than what they need have been relocating elsewhere to downsize. WDAAC provides the smaller houses they need so these seniors have the option of continuing to live in Davis — as they have been for many years.

I support WDAAC because of this kind feature.

However, I also support it because when seniors leave Davis, our cultural memory leaves with them. Davis becomes less complex and less interesting.

I want an age-diverse Davis.

Vote ‘yes’ on Measure L.

Jim Leonard