Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor – Support for WDAAC

October 5, 2018

Thank you to David Thompson and William Powell for setting the record straight on the affordable senior housing component of the West Davis Active Adult Community and Measure L.

It is generally agreed that we have a housing shortage in Davis and that shortage affects various demographic and economic brackets. One of the hardest hit populations is the senior community. There are currently over 440 people on the wait list for affordable senior housing in Davis. This year alone, there has been an increase of 225 people on the wait list for 59 affordable units at the Eleanor Roosevelt Circle. Only 3 apartments turned over in 2017.

With land donated by the developer, the WDAAC would put 150 units of much-needed low to very low-income rental units in our housing portfolio and would go a long way to help alleviate housing insecurity for seniors.

I am saddened to know that the local group of the Sierra Club is behind the dissemination of misinformation on Measure L. By portraying the WDAAC and the affordable housing developers as dishonest and deceitful, the Sierra Club is choosing to ignore the value of the land being donated, the proven track record of Delta Davis Senior Communities (the affordable housing developers), the proximity of the senior housing to Sutter Davis Hospital and other medical facilities and to the Market Place.

Without the passage of Measure L, these 150 units of affordable senior housing will not be built in the foreseeable future and our current lack of housing options and income inequality will continue.

Because of their opposition to Measure L and the West Davis Active Adult Community, and their misrepresentation of facts, I am dropping my membership in the Sierra Club’s local club, the Solano Group. This isn’t the Sierra Club that I wish to support.

Elizabeth Lasensky