Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor – We Need These Units

October 5, 2018

As a longtime board member of Davis Senior Housing Communities I am well aware of the unmet housing needs of low income seniors in Davis.

We discuss the long waiting lists we have at every DSCH board meeting. The need in Davis is well established. Except for WDAAC, there are no other plans to house the low-income seniors on our waiting lists. So at this rate it could be almost 20 years before the next affordable senior housing occupied.

At last count we had 224 low-income seniors just on the waiting list for Eleanor Roosevelt Circle in Davis. With only three turnovers in 2018 it will be 76 years before the last senior on our existing waiting list will be housed. From wait list to move-in is getting close to four years.

Our board has worked hard on meeting the needs of low income seniors in Davis for almost 20 years. We have built every one of the communities we have started. The claim by the No side that there is no guarantee the affordable senior housing will be built at WDAAC is nonsense. The intent, regretfully, is to completely stop our project from building 150 low-income senior apartments in Davis. For further information go to https://westdavisactive.com/affordable-senior-housing/

Please give hundreds of low income seniors a future place to live in Davis by voting Yes on Measure L. We should not wait another 20 years to get the next affordable senior apartments in Davis.

Shirley Humphrey
Davis Senior Housing Communities