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Pets Provide Seniors Numerous Health Benefits

There is no questioning the fact that pet ownership for seniors provides numerous health benefits. From increased activity to companionship, owning a pet if you are a senior will increase your quality of life. As friends and family move away throughout life, a pet will always be there providing their unconditional love.  Additionally, dogs and cats live in the NOW, never worrying about what tomorrow will bring, sometimes a scary thought for many seniors.

In a recent article from Aging Care they give tips on finding the right pet for you. “While the advantages of pet ownership are undeniable, there are some drawbacks and consequences to be aware of before going out to adopt a furry friend for an aging loved one. Dr. Donnenfeld encourages seniors and caregivers to work through the following questions before welcoming a pet into the family.”

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Pet Therapy Gaining Increased Interest

It’s no surprise that pets offer a type of comfort and love you can’t find anywhere else. As more senior homes begin to offer pets to live with their residents, there is a new type of therapy that is evolving beyond what a typical caregiver can offer. Pet Therapy has been shown to provide immense value both emotionally and physically for some seniors.

Home Care Daily reports: “Pet therapy can assist people in reducing anxiety, bolstering memory for those who may be struggling with certain diseases like Alzheimer’s, and provide comfort for the lonely. Some research has also indicated a possible drop in blood pressure for those who simply stroke a pet sitting next to them.

There are different types of pet therapy available and as in-home care agencies and providers recognize the value this may offer, it may simultaneously inspire other seniors and disabled adults to begin looking into home care, perhaps for the first time.”

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Pets are Critical for Senior Adults

Whether it be a cat or a dog, the answer is clear… Pets make a huge difference in the lives of seniors. Increased activity is one obvious benefit, but the companionship that a pet offers is slim to none. The “unconditional love” a pet can give you, regardless if you live alone or not, is the number one benefit that owning a pet can offer you.

A recent article from Forbes reported that “When it comes to deciding where to live in retirement, 70% of respondents said their pet is a factor in making the decision, and 82% said they would not consider moving to a senior living community without their pet. When asked if they would feel lonelier without their pet, most (86%) said they definitely would.  They also indicated that they wouldn’t be as healthy without their pet.”

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