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Working Out At-Home

While many gyms and rec centers remain closed, seniors throughout the United States are looking for ways to stay healthy at home. While taking walks outside can be a great form of exercising, if you are looking for ways to stay healthy and stay home, it might be a little challenging. Here are a few […]

The Delicate Conversation of Down-Sizing

Having to make a decision on moving your parent from the family home is always a difficult discussion.  However, it doesn’t need to be. Make sure you approach the topic delicately and with intention. How the conversation is approached will absolutely make a difference in your parent’s response to the idea. Here are four tips […]

The Unconditional Love of a Pet

The unconditional love that a pet brings to their owners is something that cannot compare to anything else. And, it’s even more beneficial for seniors. The joy that they bring every time you walk in the door, whether it be a dog or a cat, is only comparable to the love of a child. However, […]

The Return of the House Call

A surprising benefit of the stay-at-home order was an increase in something that hasn’t been seen in decades. House calls. Telemedicine has been absolutely instrumental since the pandemic of COVID-19 causing Americans to be under stay-at-home orders. In a recent article from The Wall Street Journal, a doctor writes in to describe the enjoyment he […]