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Proving Care For a Caregiver

To have a loved one require care is a life-changing event for everyone. The person requiring care, as well as their loved ones, especially if they are going to be the ones providing the care. With longer life expectancies, the need for caregiving in later life is increasing. What happens to your life if you are suddenly thrown in to the role of caregiver?

While the nearly one in five Americans who care for dependent adults provide medical and nursing tasks for a loved one and they may have little or no training. It can be difficult to navigate the best routes to take with this new role, and know what are the correct questions to ask.

A recent editorial from the New York Times gives a very personal look into caregiving for a loved one. In this article, the author’s aunt was 32 years old when she suffered a stroke and required round-the-clock care.

The arthor writes: “Because we do not prioritize psychological well-being, we don’t ask how keeping the elderly and disabled in good spirits could make us a stronger, better, happier country. Instead, we ask home care workers to provide, often for little more than minimum wage, very subtle, tailored companionship — call it care or friendship or even love.”

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