Millennials As Caregivers? YES!

The media tends to be a little tough on the millennial generation. One thing you might not realize is that this group are the latest to take on the duties of “caregiver”. Over 1/4 of people who are caregivers are millennials now and that comes with it’s own set of challenges. All caregivers have a difficult job and family caregiving at any age can bring significant challenges.

A recent article from A Place For Mom addresses the particular challenges that millennials face based on their age and some of the traits associated with their generation. Here are FIVE challenges that Millennial caregivers are facing today according to the article:

1. Their caregiving duties are often invisible to their coworkers.

Financial challenges may lead millennials to be more fearful about losing their jobs because of their other responsibilities. Less than one-fifth of millennial caregivers even bother mentioning their caregiving responsibilities to their coworkers or employers. Older caregivers are more comfortable doing so, with nearly half of them putting it out in the open

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