This update brings news about the progress and timing of infrastructure installation and start of home construction.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Our original target to begin infrastructure construction was Fall of 2019. At this point, it appears infrastructure will begin later than anticipated and home construction is now targeted for early Summer 2020.

Why? Nothing serious. A series of small, time consuming obstacles, none by themselves significant, but collectively, have resulted in a delay of approximately 45 construction days. This would push infrastructure, approx. 4+ months of grading and underground work, into November/December which creates potential delays and issues with rainy weather. With the infrastructure process, the soil is disturbed and, if it becomes saturated and unworkable, it can take much longer to dry out in the Spring.

ON THE POSITIVE SIDE, the City Staff is focused and cooperative processing our documents, scheduling meetings, etc. All processes are moving expeditiously through the City’s numerous reviews. We are scheduled for a Planning Commission meeting on the initial large lot maps’ approval on July 10th. This step accelerates infrastructure installation.

Also, Bretton Woods has been officially annexed into the City of Davis. We are pleased to announce this crucial task is completed. Lot maps and infrastructure drawings are on schedule.

BUILDER SELECTION: We are in negotiations with a major national builder of Active Adult Communities which views Bretton Woods as we do:

a prototype community designed specifically for the needs of the Baby Boomer generation.

They have just begun their formal due diligence investigation which generally takes 90 days.