Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor

October 8, 2018

I am supporting Measure L because Davis needs more housing of all kinds. We recently had our home appraised for a refinancing and in the appraisal, under market conditions, the appraiser checked the box for shortage. The licensed professional knew that demand isn’t balanced by supply in Davis.

Another thing I find interesting in the current debate over construction in Davis is how today’s arguments against development contradict the arguments made a decade ago by the same people and groups. Recent arguments against both Measure L and Lincoln 40 have centered on the need for housing for families with children. Yet some of the people and groups they belong to, like the Sierra Club, making these arguments today worked against Measure X a decade ago that would have done just that, built housing for families with children.

It is important to remember these inconsistencies when listening to arguments for an election. Elections are traditionally one day events and often times people will say anything they think will sway the electorate to their preferred outcome if only for a single moment when someone is marking a ballot.

Vote yes on Measure L.

Ron Glick