“Masters In Aging” Coming to Davis

The theme this September at the Nation Seniors Center is: Masters in Aging. There are two presentations scheduled to provide education and benefit the community.

Topic: Fitness and Aging

Thursday, Sept. 14, at 2 p.m.

Mark Braly, a Davis Aquatic Masters swimmer and Davis Enterprise aquatics columnist

Topic: Gardening and Horticultural for Seniors

Tuesday, Sept. 19, at 10 a.m.

Yolo County Master Gardeners Ann Daniel and Janet Thatcher

These are free to the community and no RSVP is necessary.

Presentations will be held at The Davis Senior Center, at 646 A Street, Davis.


More information is available at: http://www.davisenterprise.com/community/masters-in-aging-speakers-come-to-senior-center/

Tech Savvy Help for Seniors

How many of us struggle with ever changing technology? This is not just an issue older generations face, it happens to everyone. So what do we do? We turn to the youngest person in the crowd for help. Only to be baffled by the stream of acronyms and unidentifiable phrases contained in a seemingly obvious explanation.

There’s a growing demand for education and training on today’s modern technology. This is a topic that will continue to grow and where you can find more help than ever. Tech support and training is becoming more and more popular. Keep an eye our in your area for seminars and training, especially for seniors.

Here’s The Wall Street Journal’s opinion:



Honoring Tradition

This recent article in the Wall Street Journal, titled “Last Supper at Nani’s Table,” caught our interest. It is an example of how, as human beings, we all enjoy the celebration and honor of tradition. Here is an anecdote of how families, young or old, big or small, value tradition.

Technological Solutions to Medicine

Rising health costs are a continuous concern these days. As the health care system keeps evolving, there are efforts to move aggressively to adopt the tools of information-age medicine. Take a look at this article featured in The Wall Street Journal explaining the strategy and benefits. View a PDF of the article here.


Virtual Health Care Providers

Days of waiting rooms, appointments and trips to the doctors office may be over. Virtual health care providers is a technology advancement that makes it easy and convenient to get the care you need. Take a look at this article featured in the Davis Enterprise explaining the technology and benefits. The doctor will see you now.

Walkable Neighborhoods Linked to Cognitive Function

Living in a walkable neighborhood has been found to help increase cognitive function and may even be able to help fight off dementia. Walkable neighborhoods are those that have great connectivity. They may have many people to socialize with and multiple places to visit within walking distance of the home. The Wellness Center at the West Davis Active Adult Community provides many opportunities for seniors to socialize and engage in various activities.

Read the article here.


The Future of Lighting in Your Home

Manually turning on lights has become a thing of the past with the help of Alexa and Siri. According to The Wall Street Journal article titled “Smart Lights Are A Bright Idea, With Alexa and Siri,” this new smart light technology allows users to turn on any light in the home by using a voice command.

Wall Street Journal - Smart Lights Are A Bright Idea - 3.22.2017_Page_1 Wall Street Journal - Smart Lights Are A Bright Idea - 3.22.2017_Page_2Wall Street Journal - Smart Lights Are A Bright Idea - 3.22.2017_Page_3

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or click here to view article on WSJ.com.


Decreasing Birthrate in the Sacramento Area

The birthrate in the Sacramento region has continued to decline, which has caused new challenges for school districts. As seen in the Sacramento Bee article titled “Neighborhoods’ Birthrates Affect How School Districts Plan Ahead,” the region’s birthrate has fallen by 20 percent in the last decade. As a consequence, Davis schools have been accepting numerous students from nearby communities to help fill the gap.

Sac Bee - Neighborhood Birthrates Affect School Districts - 3.22.2017_Page_1 Sac Bee - Neighborhood Birthrates Affect School Districts - 3.22.2017_Page_2

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Shortage of Students in Davis

Due to the decreasing birthrate in Davis, there has been a shortage of students. This has caused Davis to become an education destination for non-Davis residents, specifically families living in Woodland and West Sacramento.

Sac Bee - Lack of Kids in Davis Fuels K-12 Transfers - WK1217_Page_1 Sac Bee - Lack of Kids in Davis Fuels K-12 Transfers - WK1217_Page_2 Sac Bee - Lack of Kids in Davis Fuels K-12 Transfers - WK1217_Page_3 Sac Bee - Lack of Kids in Davis Fuels K-12 Transfers - WK1217_Page_4

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or click here to view article on The Sacramento Bee.


A More Secure Way to Receive Your Packages

Amazon lockers are becoming a popular alternative to receiving packages, as opposed to having a package unattended at a front porch. The SacBee goes into further detail about Amazon lockers and how they are expanding their numbers throughout the Sacramento area.

In holiday rush, Amazon lockers filling up-SacBee-120416_Page_1_Image_0001 In holiday rush, Amazon lockers filling up-SacBee-120416_Page_2_Image_0001

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