discussing downsizing with your parents

The Delicate Conversation of Down-Sizing

Having to make a decision on moving your parent from the family home is always a difficult discussion.  However, it doesn’t need to be. Make sure you approach the topic delicately and with intention. How the conversation is approached will absolutely make a difference in your parent’s response to the idea.

Here are four tips when approaching your parent about the prospect of downsizing from Go Gordons:

1. Communicate openly

The most important step you can take when discussing downsizing with loved ones is communicating with them. Let them know clearly why you think it is a good idea for them to move to a more conducive and manageable residence.

Maybe you want them to be closer to you or you are concerned about their safety is in a large home by themselves. Perhaps you believe they would enjoy their time more if they were nearer to the things they love to do – sailing, golfing, visiting their grandchildren, or something else.

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