Social Distancing Advice for Seniors

Social Distancing Advice for Seniors

With more restrictions being put in place on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis it is hard to stay up to date on what we can and can’t do anymore. Unfortunately, many seniors are either not hearing of the restrictions and many are not observing them. This is causing many adults to worry for their senior parents or grandparents. If your parent or grandparent is resisting the CDC’s advice on coronavirus precautions, a recent article from Healthline has FIVE tips to help us navigate through these uncertain times and help you have an effective and respectful conversation with them.

1. Make sure you’re the right person for this conversation

It’s the nature of the child-parent relationship that a child — no matter their age — might not be the right person for a conversation with parents about changing habits related to the new coronavirus, according to Jenn Leiferman, PhD, director of the Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center and associate professor of community and behavioral health at the Colorado School of Public Health.

“Sometimes seniors still see their adult children as kids. If that is the case, I’d encourage the adult children to figure out who that trusted messenger is for that parent that they’ll listen to.”

Think about people your parent is comfortable with and trusts, such as a family friend, sibling, or pastor.

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